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The Ultimate Spellcrafting/Wizard-Security-Guard adventure is now available on Steam, GOG, and Shiny Loot for only $9.99!

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Magicmaker is out now!

Hey Wizards!

The wait is over! You can now purchase Magicmaker on Steam, GOG, and Shiny Loot! Are you ready for the ultimate Spellcrafting/Wizard-Security Guard Adventure!

Magicmaker is a 2D sidescrolling rpg-platformer with a really cool spellcrafting system that can make almost anything! You can fire burning frost lasers. Shoot poisonous exploding suns. Lead an army of iron golems. And even build turrets that shoot ricocheting lightning bullets that suck out your enemies' lifeforce.

Depending on how you count it, there are between 2,193,360 and 51,200,000,000 spell combinations. I'm pretty proud of those numbers. Its also got randomly generated levels, lots of customization options, and a robecrafting system similar to the spellcrafting for passive abilities!

You're a young wizard with no job, a huge rent payment due, and a certificate from 3-week cheesemaking course. But the World of Magic has all kinds of opportunities for magic-users! Just brave the perilous journey to the legendary WIZARD TEMP AGENCY down the street and take whatever career the Job Placement Spell picks for you.

And it thinks you'd make a great Security Guard!

That's right! Now you're a wizard security guard for Dörwall Community College, the preeminent wizarding school of the Greater Dörwall Metropolitan Area. Go on adventures, protect the students, do your co-worker's jobs for them. Maybe save the world, but only once you're off work.

Check out our blog for the GIGAPATCH notes!

Magicmaker is out now!

Don't forget: the soundtrack is available now for purchase on Bandcamp!

Magicmaker is out now!

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