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Introducing some of the major characters from the first entry in the series.

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There are many students at the school, and this is not a full cast list even for the first story, but here are a few of the major characters you'll be spending time with:

Character GraphicsVirginia Danson

Freshman, Horse Hall

Likes: Soccer

Dislikes: Cleaning

Character GraphicsEllen Middleton

Freshman, Horse Hall

Likes: Studying

Dislikes: Ballet

Character GraphicsDonald Danson

Freshman, Wolf Hall

Likes: Practical jokes

Dislikes: Junk food

Character GraphicsDamien Ramsey

Senior, Falcon Hall

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

Character GraphicsPetunia Potsdam

Professor / Headmistress

Likes: Windchimes

Dislikes: Waste

Character GraphicsHieronymous Grabiner


Likes: ... nothing that anyone can see.

Dislikes: Everyone. Especially students.

Plotwise, the Student Council Elections have now been held. The school calendar is now in mid-October, which means Halloween is approaching rapidly. How do witches and wizards celebrate Halloween? You might be surprised...

There is now a placeholder webpage for the game, but there's no real information there yet.

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