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MageWorks v0.1.00 is now available and migrating from an alpha status to a more beta-ish build.

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We're now entering into a Beta-ish build with most of the game's features implemented in some form or another. This update has primarily focused on the staff creation system and making sure that different staff parts can be built in a modular interchangeable way. Also included are a couple prefabricated staff parts to work with.

Here's a list of what's new:

> overhauled the staff to now support interchangeable parts
> replaced some spellbook icons with art that is more fitting to the spell that is cast
> the cart mining ride quickplay game now includes enemies (currently idle) for target practice
> fixed the basic training level to now require the home-warping spell to be unlocked as part of the tutorial

Known Issues:

> most spells are auto-unlocked at the moment because save-games will be overwritten during updates until full release
> the crystals that are tumbled are currently not saved, but will be fixed in a mini-update in the near future
> when players draw their designs on the drawing board, the part creation machine currently creates that part out of sequence and with some mesh errors, but we are close to fixing this bug
> only the first curve drawn will be saved between levels, but this will be fixed in a future build
> the book of ink currently does not function, but will correctly load the desired ink type in a future build
> the campaign tutorial can only be completed up to level 401
> the tutorial crow occasionally gets stuck on the players book if the player holds the book out for a perch

On The Horizon:

> additional level design work to improve gameplay and optimization
> the dragon quickplay game will be available soon. (currently the dragon runs just runs around spitting fire)
> levels will be populated with level-specific flower types so different ink types can be created
> full staffs will be 3d printable. currently only parts are printable, but we are developing a system that allows for either individual parts to be printed or the full staff as a single object.
> a couple spells still remain to be created and will be included in a future build.

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