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Mage Online offers double crafting experience until 2015!

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Yes, you read it right! We offer double crafting experience until 2015!

Last Patch:
- Fixed a bug causing fishing always generate worst reward.
- Added new feature to aid creature path finding in mines to avoid blocks with tables/chests/crates.
- Fixed pet spells aggression and regenerate to apply correctly to tank pets.
- Changed loot tables to generate cloth/heavy armors.
- Added Modified armors to boss loot tables.
- Changed some quests to offer armor rewards.
- Fixed a potential bug generating overflow for item quantities.

Previous Patches:
- Fixed a bug causing guardians not to face the trainer machine or going too close to it.
- Fixed a bug generating poison effect after lucky strikes (they should be generated only after critical/epic strikes),
- Fixed a bug not generating hunger/thirst/poison for mine creatures.
- Fixed a bug forcing the weakest poison effect on player.
- Fixed a bug preventing support beam placement.
- Corrected carpet textures to allow adding more variants. Soon ™
- Fixed UI selection bug after resizing client started in window mode.
- Fixed flickering around room walls.
- Added Forge and Vault recipes to Herbert.
- Added new Caretaker Task 6: Fuel your Forges
- Improved detection of a refueled steam engine/forge to start up.
- Operating the mine doors shall slowly decrease their quality, and at some point caretaker task is triggered.
- Improved caretaker logic to only dispatch one caretaker for the same task.
- Improved caretaker logic to react to new tasks faster.
- Added new /xp command to remove excess experience from guardian spawners.
- Added new Caretaker Task 5: Repair Door
- Increased the rate stones drop in mines (limestone...basalt)
- Extended permission system to traps not to trigger on friendly creatures.
- There are significant changes to mine gates. You will have to remove and install your gates to make sure they are facing the right direction.
- Caretaker Task 4: Enchant your Guardian Spawners
- Adding new items to fishing loot.
- Changed the way fishing loot is generated in preparation for new recipes and items.
- Added new caretaker task to supply water from a nearby pond to the steam-engine.
- Added lakes (pond for now) to mines.
- Fixed looping object sounds.
- Several server side changes regarding mine objects/rooms.
- New recipes, and some recipe fixes.
- Added macro action for /survey command. Find it in your spell book.
- Fixed next target (TAB key) to select only monsters located on your mine level.
- Added caretaker book stand.
- Guardians returning to their spawn should level now.
- Fixed a bug introduced last patch not generating loot for monsters.
- Added Warehouse.
- Added Caretaker (scripted NPC who runs errands in your dungeon)
- Added loads of new recipes. Craft your very own steam engine and guardian trainer machine!
- Added a new mine which uses different algorithm to create reserved corridors. (more space for players to build).
- Added /toggle.guildinvites to toggle accepting guild invitations.
- Added /toggle.public.mining to toggle public mining mode. (default is private)
- Cleaned up code around mining, shouldn't be visible change to player.
- Changed the way monster spawners are generated to mines.
- All monster types will have dedicated spawner look.
- The creatures now scale more accurately to mine levels.

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