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Modify the game with a simple text file! Instead of porting MacenWolf to ECWolf, Nexion ported ECWolf to MacenWolf. Well, not really, but what you're getting here is a pretty flexible package.

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All right, the big announcement today is that we don't port a new mod... Instead we enhance your mod-making capabilities! You see, our beloved Nexion - a dark but cute beast - has actually been, clandestinely, hard at work throughout recent weeks. We give you the fruit of his labor - an all-new MacenWolf modding kit tentatively called S.U.C.K. To quote the included, detailed manual:

"Suck-ing is a super-easy method to modify the game and barely an inconvenience. Even your brother's dog can do it! It's limited in scripted scope, not overly complex and has some loose screws but lets you do quick changes. With some creativity it gives you enough room to turn the whole game upside down and all around. All you need is a text file, add some variables from below and rename the file to mod.cfg."

Therefore, in addition to the possibility of using multiple VSWAP files and sound folders, you get to modify a great number of parameters and aspects of the game (or a specific map, or more maps), all via a simply structured text file. The capabilities include:

Enemies: HP, damage, behavior, speed, enable/disable 8-dir rotations
Projectiles: speed, damage, lifetime, splash damage, knockback, homing properties...
Weapons and Ammo: nearly every damn aspect and property you can think of
Level Start: pistol start or not? starting health and ammo
Various Things: you know, stuff... things like enabling a countdown, changing player speed and max health capacity or enabling a 64x64 VSWAP
Static Objects: solid? pick-up? billboard? source of light?
Pick-up Items: change the good (or bad) stuff a pick-up gives you
Statusbar: enable, disable or move any part of the status bar
Additional Sprites and Rotations: make use of 12 currently unused objects, the fake Hitler enemy, BJ's running animation or add rotation sprites for enemies and bosses

Mind you, this is in addition to the previously available and documented gamedict.wl6 file, where you can change:

Floor and Ceiling Colors
Floor and Ceiling Textures (uses plane 3)
Shading Color and Strength
Parallax Sky
Music Order
Episode/Scenario ending on specific map
Episode/Scenario Names
Episode Length
Secret Level Order
Par time
Level Number on Statusbar
Mirror Wall Sides (flips wall on x-axis)
Darker Wall Sides (optionally via plane 3 if textured floor/ceil is off)

Additionally, you get pre-made example configs called mod.cfg and mod02.cfg, as well as four funney mods called painmaker.cfg, punchkraut.cfg, rocketmania.cfg and speedrage.cfg, all of which offer funney gameplay changes for you to mess around with. And don't forget ChaosEdit and WDC definition files included with the main downloads.

To accomodate all this new stuff, of course a new executable is necessary. Since it's such a major release, let's go ahead and call it MacenWolf 1.1.


Download the SUCK modding kit:

Macenwolf SUCK

Download MacenWolf 1.1 patch:

MacenWolf 1 1

Download up-to-date Second Encounter:

MacenWolf Second Encounter 1.1

Download up-to-date Third Encounter:

MacenWolf Third Encounter 1.1

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