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Take a look at the video section for a small little M4-78EP trailer, hopefully making you look forward to finally playing it. Keeping in mind it's also a year old. I also made a small vid, unfortunately it got veto-ed for being too spoilery. Sorry guys.

Why come with such old content now?

Because we're closer than ever to M4-78EP's release. I just finished testing 0.4, so hopefully that should make it a little (read: lot) less buggy. Mostly just a few small fixes and tweaks here and there, but mostly it's the voice-overs still taking time to record.

So, bear with us a little while longer! But hopefully, we can then ship something everyone of you really loves and will use standard with TSLRCM on every playthrough of TSL!

Also, wanting to make you aware of this;
Newest on the new RPG by Obsidian. Look at the screenshot. The time of a modern Baldur's Gate II draws near. If you really like RPG's of Obsidian, just as we of the TSLRCM team obviously do, go and plead some money to get this game, and in the process give us a shot at a second big city.
Think about, read the Kickstarter, browse Obsidians forums. You won't regret it!!!

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