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Two months ago, we gave you an early Christmas present in LÖVE 0.7.0. Now, we wish you a LÖVEly Valentine's Day with:

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Two months ago, we gave you an early Christmas present in LÖVE 0.7.0. Now, we wish you a LÖVEly Valentine's Day with:

LÖVE 0.7.1

0.7.1 does not break the API - anything that worked in 0.7.0 will also work in 0.7.1 (unless you were using Decoders with custom sample rates for some reason). There may, however, be some minor changes in behavior if you're using a function we fixed bugs in (I'm looking at you, Font:setLineHeight). Otherwise, prepare for a few new features and a whole lot of bugfixes. Check out the changelog below, then go out and spread the LÖVE!


LOVE 0.7.1 [Game Slave]

* Added source:isPaused()
* Added error when initial window can't be created.
* Added framebuffer filter modes.
* Added love.filesystem.getLastModified.
* Added filter modes for ImageFonts.
* Added dead key support by using "unknown" key with correct unicode value.
* Added 0 width and height in love.conf. (for current desktop resolution)
* Added alpha support when encoding TGA images.

* Fixed a lot of bugs regarding zero characters in threads.
* Fixed handling of a directory named "love" in current directory.
* Fixed a few unhandled errors in setScissor.
* Fixed a bug where old physics callbacks were never dereferenced.
* Fixed loss of mouse visibility settings on setMode.
* Fixed creation of a framebuffer unbinding current framebuffer.
* Fixed several race conditions in love.thread.
* Fixed 'love .', so it won't use lovedir/. as save dir.
* Fixed setLineHeight.
* Fixed extended ascii and ImageFonts.
* Fixed printf's line wrapping.
* Fixed crash when playing sounds.
* Fixed playback of mp3s with arbitrary sample rates.
* Fixed handling of negative indices in love.joystick.
* Fixed toggleFullscreen.
* Fixed unexpected behaviour with hash tables to
* Fixed mouse coordinates being capped after setMode.
* Fixed setFont's error handling on a non-existant file.
* Fixed issue where Windows builds would hard crash on Lua errors

* Removed custom sample rates for Decoders.

Download links: (also available on our front page and in the downloads section of the profile)

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