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Improvements, bug fixes and hints - a better experience overall.

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Greetings all!

An update to Lux has just been uploaded which replaces the old version, so follow the links (or head to our download section) and download the new improved version of Lux!

Why not patch it you say?! Pah! We don't do patches! Away with your blasphemy! ... or more accurately we can't do patches yet, apologies, prototype engine and all.

This is a much more playable, streamlined experience. And although no new game-play has been added yet, we hope you find it to be an improvement of this short demonstration of our ideas. The improvements are as follows:

  • Added text hints to explain mechanics
  • Faster walk/run speeds
  • Faster light charge times
  • Improved HUD
  • Many small bugs have been swashed (rest their souls)

Let us know your thoughts :)

DOWNLOAD NOW! HERE .... or HERE .... or even HERE ............... HERE too!

or via these picture links below (so much choice!)

Lux LogoLux Logo
.rar version .zip version


Who or What is that neat looking creature?
Will he be in game?

*Optimistic Hopes* Could we be him?
Look through other beams of light to mix his coloured vision to create other colours. that would be spectacular.

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(Possible small spoiler)



He is designed to be in-game yes. He is a statue that comes to life when light runs through his veins. It's your job to get that to happen. ;) We hope to implement him into puzzles in the game at some point in the future.

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Well, my thoughts are... That... All the new things in this update are good. Fun stuff! =D This game could be the next portal(Except without the portals; you know what I mean.) Great work... Still a lot of bugs to work out, though.

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Looks more like a goblin than a statue, but nice nonetheless. This Icon of yours made me realise (again) how different light color and paint color mix. You can surely create some very appealing quests on this basis, turning colors into light and vice-versa.
The game could become a real flagship for, err cranial development?

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Sounds good! I'll definitely check this one out.

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