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Just a list of final touch ups to the 2.0 release that have been added in days since release...

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Version 2.5:
We may not have expected it after initial release but despite 2.0 being the 'final' update to the Europe map, we kept finding small things that we wanted to change. Here is a list of those things:

Scottish faction now has a Scottish accent rather than the German one they had before

New campaign map models have unique textures for every faction in europe

The ottoman campaign map models are now red instead of green

Spawned Generals are no longer part of the family tree of the nation they spawned into

The Middle tier Line infantry have now been given balanced stats as certain ones had much more attack than others in the first release of 2.0

Fixed 'Silver Surfer' for the papal states' italian line infantry

Gave Sweden a unique campaign map banner (I.E not the same as Denmark-Norways!)

Fixed Italian formable nations' problems with banners

Rebalanced Polands new roster

Fixed Austrias historically inaccurate flag

A series of forts and watchtowers around the north of the map to make gameplay more dynamic

Various amounts of region rearranging for aesthetic reasons

All general's bodyguard units have been removed, being replaced by other units already in the roster of the factions. IE, no more medieval knights in your general's bodyguard

All minor German states can now form Germany as well as all minor Italian states being able to form Italy

Caernarvon is no longer inaccessible to British armies

UI crash has been fixed

Ship Unit info cards are now uniform

All artillery unit info cards have been shrunk for the sake of a low end PC or laptop

The fatal crash that occurs between turns 20-30 has been completely removed so now you can enjoy a lucium game for much longer.

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