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Plans of 2015

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Things are starting to get pretty exciting, not just for the game but for Lazy Games as a company! I am in the final stages of developing the demo which is the industrial themed arena level. The big things I'm working on now are enemy behaviour and how they navigate around the level and things like how tough they are, how do weapons affect them etc. Also there will be full controller support so you can navigate the menus too but whether you will be able to use a controller AND keyboard & mouse is not yet decided.

In terms of the marketing side of things we will start putting press releases out to promote the game through digital means. Oh and not to forget, we will be changing the name of the game to something more suiting. LSD is certainly a head turner for the name of a game but it will be difficult for someone to search for and for some people they may expect it to be something like LSD: Dream Emulator which is a very very different game, but more on that in the near future.

Something very exciting is the fact that Lazy Games is going to be a fully established limited company, trading by the name of Lazy Games Studio Ltd. Pretty awesome eh? I've said before that we are planning a kickstarter campaign and we will announce this soon(ish). Up until then I am getting my funds through the new enterprise allowance scheme that also help with setting up new businesses. As part of their scheme I am to make a business plan in order to continue after 8 or so weeks so I'm also hard at work on that. It's basically dole money to get by, but it allows me do this full time which is fantastic :)

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