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A summary of changes made to the game files and maps.

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This was altered to give AI units better morale, tactical, strategic and leader stats. My testing of the AI showed that these new settings increase the ability of the AI, the stats having a direct correlation to the AI in combat.


This was modded to bring bridge graphics and data back onto the bridges. The downsized maps shifted the bridge data and overlays, so I had to bring them back to their proper position on the small map.


I unlocked all slots. Some units won't have all slots filled, because those battlegroups don't have enough units to fill the slots. I also changed the decimal data for the difficulty levels, because the full slot availability took alot of units out of the force selection panel in-game. The new settings adds more units to force selection to compensate for full slot availability.


All maps, except for a small number, were cut down to CC2 map sizes. 2280x2280 pixels was my max dimensions. Size of the maps varies, but none go over that size except for a few of the bridge maps, where the bridge is massive and extends across the map. I cut down what I could on those, and adjusted the victory locations to make play against the AI as good as possible on those maps. I didn't want to get rid of the bridge capture and destroy features of Last Stand Arnhem, so I did what I could with them.

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