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A quick update into what team Lovac is up to in the month of April.

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Hello all Lovac units and welcome back to another update. This month we felt that not enough of our big stuff was ready to show off so we have packaged this updated down into a mod DB post.


So to begin we will address the elephant in the room. What's with the name change? Well to start we thought naming the game Lovac: 2063 would give people the impression that the game was a part of a larger series and that they may have missed a previous entry like Lovac: 2062 and so getting rid of year eliminates any new comers doubt. As a second reason we also have that the game has come a long way since early 2020 where Sam was just a stand in for every Cyberpunk media protagonist ever. Instead these days He has taken center stage of the games story making It a far more personal one. So naming the game simply LOVAC evokes that the story centers around a Lovac unit and His journey.

Now with that out of the way let's get down to business. To begin lets start with GUNS! With permission from the original creators we have salvaged a multitude of untextured models from Game Banana and have given them a new textured home in the mod. We now have brand new models such as:


The Grey Line N2057. Model Created by REVTIVA on Game Banana and Texterd by GEλR°#3990

Screenshot 169

The N2057 In game. We're currently working on creating brand new sounds for the weapon. This is the only weapon as of yet to be imported into the game while rigging being completed on the new set of hands for the player. Our new animator on the team goes by the name Texas Steve.

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Next up is our as yet Unnamed revolver. The model was created by RedRogueXIII on game banana and textured by GEλR°#3990

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And finally for new weapon models we have our unnamed pistol created by Long Nguyễn on sketch fab and textured by GEλR°#3990

We have about two more weapons planned to be completely remodeled at this point but we're keeping those pretty close to the chest for the time being. Over to mapping we have completed basic texturing on all maps and are moving into the scripting phase for the maps. We have had two more mappers jump on board since the last update so this next phase should go by rather smoothly. I myself have completed remakes of the first couple of Alpha maps and am very happy with what I have come up with.

This was the first Arena in the Alpha. It was meant to be a sort of server farm.

Screenshot 149

Screenshot 158

These days It is the artificial environment waiting room.

In the alpha this area was known as the logistics division

Screenshot 255

Screenshot 164

Post remake It is the Augmented Combatant demonstration room. Let's face It GldSrc was ugly. But I think the style can be beautiful when chipped away at. We're hard at work on the team to make these maps pop in our own style.

However what Is a map without enemies? Great question. We've been working to reskin a few HL2 enemies over the past month to make them our own. And I know what you're thinking "HL2 enemies? Where's the originality?" And we promise they are in the game for a reason that you'll have to find out for yourself. Out of our four reskins we have:


The Grey Line Guardian


Grey Line augmented Combine Gunship


The Grey Line Combine Chopper Drone


The Grey Line augmented Strider. And these enemies will not just be simple cut and paste jobs. Each of them will have a few surprising gameplay tweaks to keep you on your toes
(Be careful around the Striders, They're a little faster than usual)

And that about wraps up anything super interesting for the mod this month. Next month we will be back with a video update with a huge content dump however in the meantime It's time to do a role call.
LOVAC is a block buster mod and therefore is requiring a pretty expansive cast. We currently have a list of roles that need filling. If you'd like to know more about these roles or feel like you'd be a good fit for one. Please send me a message on discord at Cursed Emoji #8705 the roles available include:


Dr Kleiner {One speech}

Scientist 1 (Menacing ) {One speech In game as well as two or three promotional Lovac videos}

Scientist 2 (Intellectual) {One speech}

Worker (Run of the mill citizen) {3 lines}

Smiler Gang Member/Nightclub door thug (Aggressive thuggish attitude) {Max 30 lines of dialogue}

Smiler gang Leader (Eccentric and sinister levels of happy go lucky) {Two speeches}

Police Officers (Straight and narrow attitude, Aggressive) {Full NPC set of voice lines + maybe 15 extra lines}

Police Captain (Seasoned and a believer in His work) {10 lines of Dialogue}

GPD Dispatch (Cold, Calculating and Uncaring of Its officers) {10 Lines of Dialogue max}

Sams Boss (Genuinely cares for His officers, Acts hardball) {20 lines of dialogue max}

Lovac Unit Denton/Other Lovac units (Arrogant yet professional) { 10 lines max for Heyden, 10 lines for other Lovac chatter}

News Presenter (Acts like He's had the best day of His life all the time) {Max 30 lines of dialogue. Will be used for areas with radios}

Radio Presenter (Cold and Clinical, States facts with no emotion) {15 lines max}

Voice of the People Enemies: (Angry and rowdy) : (Full NPC set + 5 lines)

Flashback Voice of the People Enemies (Paranoid and Panicked) {Full NPC set of lines + 10 extra lines}

Chester Young (Calculating and Arrogant. Attempts Friendly facade but fails) {Entire Game. Lots of dialogue}

Hugo (Chester's old business partner. Is pissed off in all scenes He's in) {5 Lines}

Mercenary Commander (Stern and Angry, Pissed off that His easy contract has gone so wrong) {10 Lines of Dialogue}

Mercenaries (Aggressive and well coordinated. Never panicked) {Full NPC set + 30 lines Max}

Please keep in mind that a line can equal:

Mercenary: "Did you hear that?"

And with that our update comes to a close. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to read about the project and thank you for you continued support.

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