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I'm happy to say you can now customise quite a few individual things. Here are a few examples...

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I've been working on the main window panels for the VIP Lounge, and while they're not finished yet, I'm definitely liking the aesthetic they're starting to bring to the lounge;


They've been a complete pain to get right due to all the curves and angles involved, but I've developed a few different approaches that will hopefully make future iterations easier to produce. I'll definitely be re-doing the windows again at some later point because I'm not entirely happy with the underlying geometry, but they'll do for the demo

I needed to take a break from geometry struggles for a bit, so I decided to have a go at building the ship customisation panel. It's actually going fairly smoothly so far, and I'm happy to say you can now customise quite a few individual things. Here are a few examples...




I've been determined from the outset to give players the freedom to customise their ship as much as possible and to really make it an extension of their personality. I'd like people to feel a real attachment to their vessel, and I think deep customisation options really help in that regard. This is all built-in from day one, of course, you won't find micro-transaction skin packs around here!

The biggest challenge with this is making sure all areas on the ship support customisation to the point of still making visual sense when you start swapping colours around. A strict design language helps in that regard, and I'll see what I can do to expand this system more over time :)



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