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A group of Imperial forces clashed with both Earth Resistance and North American Resistance forces in the Louisiana Swamp in February of 2024, Battle left the Swamp completely scarred, despite an Earth Resistance victory, the Empire still maintained control of the Louisiana swamps that led all the way to the Gulf of Mexico to the South. The entire region was littered with destroyed grounded ships, that was nothing more then a reminder of the Imperial Invasion of the United States in late 2019.

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The Louisiana Swamps that was once a beautiful tourist attraction since 1983, was left destroyed following the the Invasion of the the Galactic Empire in 2019, with most of the terrain being partially flooded following severe damage that occured in 2019, during the time of the last years of the Invasion of Earth during the early years of the Earth Imperial War.

The result of the engagement left many boats and ships grounded, and thrown about amongst the small Islands that were formed since the Arrival of the Galactic Empire on American shores. During the time of the Far Away War in the 80s, following the 1991 Invasion by the Trade Federation, the Louisiana Swamps were the only plots of land that were considered to be impassible by the Droids, both Federation and CIS alike, and were often avoided, by both sides, which in turn allowed both beautiful Louisiana swamps to be spared during the time of the destructive and bloody Far Away War, prior to the Earth Imperial War.

About 5 years following the Battle of the Swamps, that occured between the United States Military and Galactic Empire, the Swamps were visited again by the Earth Resistance, due to the fact that at the time of the Imperial Occupation of Earth, in 2024, the swamps were actually deemed a vital role for refugees in North America to hide from the Galactic Empire, while they were also being watched over by the North American Resistance.

This one form of land that was left untouched during the Far Away War years ago, was chosen to be a hiding spot for the Refugees by George Lucas the creator of Star Wars himself, as the thick flooded areas made it nearly impossible for Imperial Walkers to maneuver through without sinking, however this did not stop Hover vehicles of the Galactic Empire to maneuver through the swamps, where by January 1st, 2024 the Refugees were routed and exterminated, the Empire has since then took control of the camps located around the bogs, and has since then turned them into full scale listening outpost, in hopes of gathering intel on radio chatter with the North American Resistance, whom at the time had ventured into the Swamp multiple times only to be repulsed by the Imperial forces, however by January 21st, 2024, George Lucas was successful in eliminating the Empire from the Swamps after destroying the long range listening outpost, but was soon left trapped in the bog when Imperial reinforcements arrived.

The Earth Resistance however was able to receive George Lucas's SOS calls, and were able to land unopposed on Imperial occupied North America, which would eventually lead to the Battle of the Bog, in February of 2024, where the Earth Resistance was able to claim control of the Sith Highway, a large Highway that was under construction at the time by the Galactic Empire which cut through the United States all the way to Canada, and was also the main road where the Imperial Reinforcements arrived, using the highway to their advantage, the Earth Resistance was able to break through the former Islands of the Refugees eliminating the Galactic Empire in the process, and allowing George Lucas and the North American Resistance to evacuate back to the Gulf of Mexico while the armor of the Earth Resistance continued to hammer away at the Imperial Counterattack that was occurring.

The Battle ended with both the Earth and North American Resistance forces escaping Imperial Occupied North America. Following the end of the Engagement, the entire Bog was left destroyed, and littered with bodies from both the Galactic Empire, Refugees, North American Resistance forces and Earth Resistance forces, and has since then been left abandoned following the remainder of the Earth Imperial War, though it was revealed by 2031, that the Empire still conducts operations within the Bog on the formal Battle site, though this was never officially proven.

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