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Welcome to a new format where our cat Louie interviews team members about their work on the project :3 Issue #1 starts with Lead Artist Alessandro!

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Welcome to "Louie Asks"! A new format where our cat Louie interviews team members about their work on the project! Issue #1 starts with Lead Artist Alessandro!

Q: Please describe your main responsibilities on the project.
A: Since we are a small team, each of us have many responsibillities, and so did I. Most of the time I was involved in the environment design, and creating different environment assets. Besides that I also created three of our cuties and Louie himself. Although Sha and Hao, the two other artists in our team did the modelling for two cuties I designed, while I created the rigs and animated them.

Q: What was the main goal behind the designs of the cuties?
A: I could say that my main goal was to make them cute. But there is more to that I think. It was important to me that each cutie had its unique personality, and while keeping them in the same overall artstyle of the game, the cuties should differentiate from each other. Of course each cutie has their own unique gamplay bound to it, so I also tried to show this through their design.

Q: Which cutie is your personal favorite?
A: Thats a hard question because I think every cutie deserves this spot. But I think I'll go with the polite one since it he one of the first cuties that made it into the game, and also the first thing I did for the game in general.

Q: What are some key elements that you consider when designing new stages for the game?
A: I think the most important thing is, that each stage has a unique theme, and gameplay element that no other stage has. So, after a lot of brainstorming in our team meetings, we usually decide one theme for the stage, like for example the Tropical Island. After that is set, I sit down and create a piece of concept art which should represent the final look of the stage. Sometimes I feel more comfortable starting directly with a 3D Blockout of the Stage. But usually it serves the same purpose. After everyone agrees with the direction that stage is going, me and the other artists start creating actual Assets for the stage, till it is ready to go.

Q: Is it more difficult to come up with new cuties or new stages?
A: I think both things are difficult. Sometimes you are lucky and you come up with things really quick. But most of the times, a lot of brainstorming and discussion has to happen until we can start creating a new cutie and/or Stage.

Q: And finally, what do you think is the perfect marmalade-flavor?
A: Good old raspberry marmalade, but I wonder what coconut marmalade would taste like..

And that concludes our first issue of Louie Asks :3 We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the Release of Louie Cooks!

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