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Indiegogo campaign is half done! IGS now has its own Community Manager! Alpha Testing is going very well! We have an IRC channel! New forums!

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Hi everybody!

We've been working very hard on the game lately with the ongoing alpha testing phase and all I can tell you yet is that the game is really starting to shine!


Indiegogo campaign is half done!

After all the word spreading from the community we are now at 50% of our objective. There's still a long road ahead so please do not stop sharing the campaign!
Go check out our campaign page for more awesome details
There's also one super cool thing I want to tell you about:


IGS now has its own Community Manager!

Let me introduce you Austin our awesome cm!
Austin is going to take the community in charge for the future as he will be able to a lot more time into Twitter, Facebook, Forums, YouTube, IRC, Blog and all that good stuff than I do.
He has started a video series about the game, please take a minute and check it out it's super cool!
This seemed like a next logical step to me since those things grabbed a huge chunk of my work time in the past, so now I'll be developing even faster than before! (Yes that's possible, I can always go faster!)


Alpha Testing is going very well!

The UI has been totally revamped, the game is now faster and harder, and our great team of alpha testers did a wonderful job finding all these nasty bugs! Thanks to them!


We have an IRC channel!

We've been introduced to the wonderful IndieIRC network last week and I decided to set foot in it. You can now use this web chat to come and chat with us, we are almost 24/7 on the channel. So for advanced IRC users here's the info:

Channel: #IndieGameStory

Are you another fellow game developer? Then jump in #gamedev too! We're having a blast everyday there ;-)


New forums are coming

Yes, I loved my old forums but they were unfortunately too simple. Not enough management and moderation tools and not flexible at all. So better forums are on there way soon. (Backers and testers will receive an email about it once it's done).


Thank you!

I always love to take a minute to thank you guys. You made a dream into a reality and it's wonderful and a huge pleasure to work with you everyday. You love the game and you put faith into it and this means a lot to me.

Keep being awesome and Rock on!

- Tommy


When does Alpha 1 get released to the public?

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