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A new version of the lothlorien campaign map that uses TEA:CE to enhance its character.

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This is the first of my campaign remake maps that requires a mod to work, I believe that without the extra heroes, buildings and units added in TEA:CE the map is far less enjoyable. Therefore I must credit both Celegin and the TEA:CE team for an excellent mod. If you wish to activate and thereby add Gandalf to the map please read the notes at the bottom. The download is located in the addons section.

Map Description

This map follows the same format as the original with the exception of extra objectives during the journey to Caras Galadhorn & a much larger goblin army. In terms of differences that's as much as I'm willing to divulge.

Here's a selection of screenshots fx2g.jpg
4l3b.png s5s5.png h6vt.png yu9j.png 2oli.png fgxc.png q7jf.png 77ss.png 8880.png iafw.jpg 3zyg.png s5re.png wj3p.png guo6.png e8wp.png ial8.png wvej.png 5ghd.png 62r1.png 02b3.png


Looks very good, more opportunities and more things you can do in a mission plus several new heroes and new looks is incredibly good. I would like to try out this map myself.

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kingfudgington Author

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Its become very hard to generate interest in single player missions when there's so much multiplayer content everywhere so I do try to make the single player maps more interesting, and I'm very happy you registered that fact.

Please post a review or general post-game comment here or on the download if you get the time.

If I get a chance I'll post a news article about some of the other maps I've got left in the addons section.

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