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Late Christmas present yall! A new trench war map, Lothal: Fuel Depot, has been released!

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Having rescued Hera Syndulla from imperial imprisonment, Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Night, leads a desparate defense to ensure her survival. Heavily outnumbered and with limited air support in Lothal's industrial sector, he knows that he will not survive the battle and will need to sacrifice himself to save his allies.

This map is based on the episode Jedi Night from SW Rebels season 4. Includes custom units, vehicles, props, and I think it turned out very well. The CW era works, but is not polished and not as heavily tested; this is a GCW era mod after all. The next map will likely be the rebel encampment from the same episode. I have made many of the models already, but the map itself is likely a long way off. If you're interested, check it out here:

If anyone ever makes a gameplay video, let me know and I'd be happy to link it!


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kiprobin: map author, fuel pods, scaffolding, urban trenches, kanan kitbash and modification, etc.
Teancum: DL-18 conversion, Pryce conversion, t1-b conversion, base Kanan model conversion, Sullust conversion from which got the bulk of the boxes and cargo and stuff
Squeddies: Bunker assets, buildings, misc.
Caleb1117, Iryni Forge: lockers, misc. assets
Giftheck, Pandemic, LucasArts, Free Radical - Rogue One weapons pack
WhiskeyTangoFoxX, Pandemic: Imperial Officer model and skins
Giftheck, Pandemic, LucasArts, Free Radical: A280CFE, DLT-19D, Various Weapon sounds
NoctisSpector, Gistech: e22 rifle
NoctisSpector, Ashura, S1thK3nny: DC17S Pistol
Gogie: Garazeb Model, deathtrooper assets
Giftheck, Pandemic: RK-3 Pistol
Giftheck, Sereja, LucasArts:ee-4 rifle
Giftheck, Pandemic: RK-3 Pistol
Giftheck, Free Radical, LucasArts, Sony Online Entertainment: RG4D pistol
Bandu, Conversion Pack Team: Tie Defender
Wideboy: box, bunker assets
Sky: bridges, misc.
NoctisSpector, ggctuk & Free Radical, LucasArts/Pandemic, Battlefront Fandom: CJBO Rifle
Psych0fred – various imperial assets
Pandemic – original models/textures
S1thK3nny: Kanan and ezra's saber hilts, darksaber hilt
Jendo7, ARC_Commander, archer01, monsoontide, Saitek009, ]V[, AQT, Pinguin/Aman, Maveritchell, and Rends: Tatooine Outpost assets (boxes, bunker, misc.)
[GT]-Gogie, KeivanMereel, Harrisonfog, Eric Matyas, Triforce919, Mikethebeast, BattlefrontJDGamer, The photographers at,
Jared @, Youtube, Gametoast community – scarif starter kit assets (boxes, floor tiles, misc.). Link to scarif starterkit:

If I forgot anyone, pls lmk so I can fix it!

Happy modding!

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