FIRST DEVELOPERS DIARY (PART I) In this image is Graphic Settings and Inventory. At the moment, there is a development of version 000.0.10 which for today has an Alpha attribution because of its not updating according to the plan

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000.0.10 alpha - In this update we are preparing a working interface.
At the moment we have the achievements: PDA, Settings, Menu, Menu in online game and HUD.

Graphic Settings - Sorry that all the settings description in Russian, it's just easier to work with native language


Настройки - Settings, Графика - Graphic, Рендер - Render, Текстуры - Textures, Тени - Shadows, Разрешение экрана - Screen resolution, Гамма - Gamma, Контраст - Contrast, Яркость - Brightness, Полный экран - Full Screen, Расширенные Настройки - Advanced settings.(PS: Ультра - Ultra, Вкл - Enable)G SettingUI



Image data in the resolution of 7680 x 4320!

And also in the update 000.0.10 we want to add the first weapon in the form of a Makarov pistol and upgrades to it

At the time of writing, the project suffered a graphic change in the form of a logo and game design interface

Sorry that there may be errors in the text I know very little English!

The news worked: Lead developer - Alexander Kuprin and Graphic designer - Andrey Kalashnikov

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