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I will explain the status of the game at the moment(What I've done at the moment and the game will go). Come read about it! Ps: I finally got the game website. I didn't had any time to put on it but I will soon get some one to help out!

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Hello everyone, it's been a couple of month since my last post and first post haha. I did upload some pictures of the game development and a small demo will soon be online! (I won't say there is no bug, the game seem to not work on some pc...) Anyway i will fix it soon!

First of all, I've done some change to the game house system, and it wont work as a drag and drop. You will have full power over the look of your house. I did some math and the house system should be perfect online! :D

Next, I'm almost done with the crafting system. You will be able to chose from multiple models and the kind of power the weapons will have.

Finally, the game won't be online until the very end. I will probably try to get a kick starter, but I don't think the actual game worth one. We will see once I am done with the Crafting System and the House System. Once both of then are finish i will publish a free version of the game Online. (No there will be no Ai (Artificial Intelligence) at the moment.)
I will work on a river system as well soon as possible to make link between lake.

This should be everything for today. Please share the facebook page of the game, the more popularity it as the faster the game will develop!(I am not lying, it will get me more motivated and I will be able to find people to help out!)

Facebook Page!

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