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List of lost or uncreated Opposing force 2 levels

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Status: found

Chapter 2: Somplace Else

Status: Fully lost

of2_xen (all maps)

Chapter 3: City 14

Status: Partially lost

of2_c14_03 and+ (Sniper and clocktower)

Chapter 4: Dark Passage

Status: Partially lost


Chapter 5: Outlands

Status: Partially lost

of2_outlands_03 and of2_outlands_04

Chapter 6: Underground Complex

Status: Partially lost


Chapter 7: Broken Communication

Status: Partially lost



Chapter 8: Forestral Ambush

Status: Partially found

of2_forest_02 and +

Chapter 9: Cold Adaptation

Status: Fully lost

of2_caves01 and+

Chapter 10: Phoenix Hideout

Status: Partially found (only 1 map of2_superportalxen)

of2_camp01 and+

Chapter 11: Channeled Assimilation

Status: fully lost


P.S. There are still wallpapers on which you can see a screenshot of Channeled Assimilation


Bonus: OF2 Capture the flag:

Fully found



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