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permadeath mode, improved skill selection screen, new skills: parry, drunken master, weapons grandmastery, new spells, items, monsters and loads of bugfixes

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- permadeath mode
- improved skill selection screen
- new skill: Parry (dodge bonus in melee = melee attack/2, double bonus with a Shield equipped)
- new skill: Drunken Master (gain bonuses and heal from alcohol, starts with alcohol and can create alcohol from certain food)
- new skill: Weapons Grandmastery
- tab key can now be used to switch between characters without ending turns
- new Earth Magic spell: Stone to Flesh (remove petrification)
- new Star Magic spell: Aurora (1 round true light and blinds monsters)
- new Time Magic spell: Etheralness
- new Star Magic spell: star money (creates ome piles of money)
- fighting style icons
- auto-fill quickbar slots with available skills
- new curse: Mana Burn
- display message whenever the player takes damage (along with amount, source of damage and damage type)
- display hit chance when missing
- charmed monsters will now attack other non-charmed monsters
- new monster trait: Blind Immunity
- 7 new extended version monsters
- new trap: Alarm Trap (alerts monsters and triggers an ambush)
- new trap: Net Trap
- 3 new alcoholic beverages: Cider, Mead and Brandy
- new room: lava lake

- solved 2 monitor problem on windows
- fixed Leylines and First Aid working double
- fixed Break Boulder spell not working

- petrified players are now still a part of the game (they no longer disappear)
- changed Weak Fingers into Clumsy (-2 CP, no ranged weapons and max dexterity is 10)
- made whirlwind attack hit all 8 squares around player
- all Plant monsters are now immune to blindness
- made spell success rate grow only 1% for scroll+free magic
- made shapeshifting spells change actual HP at start/end
- introduced new banish resistance value
- limit scroll lore to one spell per circle


Great news!

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