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Half-Life 2: Death Edge is finally out as a demo/sneak peek for HL2 GTE!

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Lost Coast: GTE/Half-Life 2: Death Edge is out now!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since the last update, but we're finally back with some good news!
A little over a month ago me and Binkus decided it would be a good idea to work on Lost Coast and release it as a sort of demo for HL2 GTE, or rather an "interactive sneak peek", so please check it out under the "Files" section of this page. Everything that was possible to translate has been translated: Dialogues, Commentary, NPCs, Textures, HUD, Menu, Captions, you name it. For the full experience I'd suggest turning Full Closed Captions on ;)

Current Mod Status

Some people may be wondering why it's taking me so long to work on something that doesn't even require coding or mapping, and the answer is quite simple. Partially it's because of University, back in September 2020 I started my Uni career so the amount of free time I have got reduced, of course not that much but still definitely less than before. The other reason is just me doing things slowly. I got to admit that I spend more time doing anything else than actually working on the bulk of the project. Would it take less if I concentrated more of my free time on the project? Absolutely yes, I just prefer doing it at my own pace, since I don't really like excessively pouring my energy on one thing constantly, and it would only hinder the outcome in some form or another. Obviously the mod is not dead and we're still working on it!

That being said, enjoy the sneak peek and see you on the next article!

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