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I've been adding some units to my new race in Veteran Mod, the Lost Chapter. So check this news to get some more details on this race brought to you by GreenScorpion.

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The Lost Chapter diverged from the other Space Marine chapters due to their isolation but still some of the principles were kept. They have some similar traditions and although their recruitment system evolved they are still atached to their roots. Those that survive many years fighting for the Chapter receive the honour of yelding some of the most sacred relics of the Chapter and reserve their space in the archive that has been growing since they settled on the edge of the Imperium. Many fights against chaotic armies, orks and other armies made them powerful and some seem almost undestructable although they fall like any other man. Still the image they present of a solid army makes most enemies flee in terror.

Hope you enjoy the video! And comment because I like feedback!

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