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A comeback after a week banned, An update to my game "Lost - A Horror Experience", first official trailer for the beta version released, and finally social media accounts created for faster news spreading.

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So first, for people who is thinking that why I haven't updated the game for a long time. It's because I was mistakenly banned and it was just lifted after a week of my complaint. But anyways what matters now is that I'm back, and I'm here again to update the game further.

So here are the points for this news:

Lost - A Horror Experience v0.2c out!:

- So this update contains things like:
* Mouse sensitivity
* Easy restart for the game(In case you got stuck at some point)
* A controls description at the title screen
* And lastly some minor improvements.

- Be sure to check out this update, and also give comments to it on what can be improved further, what would like to see on the future updates, and lastly your experience. All of those will be so helpful for me, and will also make the development of the game towards its full version faster. Let's get this game out from BETA!

For an easy grab of the game you can download the game here for Windows:

Lost - A Horror Experience Beta v0.2_c

First Official Trailer Released:

- We now have an official trailer for the BETA versions. I created this so that people may easily have an overview on what the game would look like before they play it. So be sure to check it out too. That trailer by the way is more of a graphics feature, and a bit of gameplay.

For an easy navigation here's a link for the video:

[Official Trailer] Lost - A Horror Experience - Indie DB

Twitter Account Created:

- If you haven't check out my dev blog, then I just want to notify you that I've already created a twitter account so that updates can be easily seen through twitter RSS feeds in this site. For I think that a blogspot is a bit slow regarding well, bringing news.

You can follow me via @Sophistic_WaTer
You can also follow me via Instagram:
You can also visit my blog:

Those are the news for now, And guys final note. Please if you happen to play the game, please do give comments to it that's all I wanted so that I can progress through the development of the game. Whether the comment is bad or good it doesn't matter. Give me your true and honest feedbacks.

Happy gaming!
Water out.

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