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Contains information about the lore of Darkstar. This article is about the Galaxy.

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The galaxy, also known as the Milky way by most Terran citizens, the Field of Stars by the Xaldaari monks, is the gigantic collection of star-clusters and cosmic objects that make up the multiple worlds of Darkstar. The Terrans have claimed that the galaxy is 13.6 billion years old, however other cultures say it is even older. There are billions of stars and even more planets in the galaxy, most of which have never been visited by anyone. In the middle of the galaxy lies a gigantic black hole by the name of Sagittarius A, but the massive object has many names, including the Great Eye, The Endless Jaw and Star’s Womb. The galaxy acts as a home for millions of different sentient species, from the courageous Humans to the craven Vish.


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