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Contains information about the lore of Darkstar. This article is about Terra (EARTH)

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New Jerusalem

Shortly after the Blood Crusade (being the war between the Terran Empire and the Crusader Remnants, at that point only known as the Crusaders.) resulted in a loss for the Crusaders, the remaining Crusaders fled the core of Terran space along with Roderick Guerrier, brother to the former leader of the Crusaders before he was killed. They more or less headed away from Terran Space with no real destination, except for the fact that Roderick had claimed to see a "Holy Land" in a vision.

Many of the Crusaders abandoned the order once Roderick made this bold claim, but those who stayed followed him to the unexplored planet. When they arrived at the Tropical planet, Roderick lead them to a big lake where they would eventually construct their new base and place or worship.

New Jerusalem, as stated earlier, is a tropical planet with alien-looking trees and mint-green water. The planet harbors multiple life forms, although none of them are sapient except for the Crusaders. Gravity is around 1.08 G, the size of New Jerusalem is around 1.2 times that of Earth. The planet orbits a Blue giant and has three moons (Obadiah, Amos and Genesis), none of the moons have yet been visited.


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