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Contains information about the lore of Darkstar. This article is about Chiron.

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Lore: Chiron

The planet Chiron (pronounced Kai-ron) was one of the earliest Terran colonies, which later developed into a large city-planet. Unlike Terra however, Chiron retained most of its flora and fauna. This turned the planet into a beautiful world, which has become a popular place for people to retire and enjoy the twilight years of their life.

The planet was one of the few planets that wasn’t really affected by the Blood Crusade, which in turn lead made it a safe haven for many who had to leave their ruined homes due to the consequences of the war.

Chiron is slightly smaller than Terra, aswell as possesses slightly weaker gravity, making it easier to build structures on the planet. It has no moons, but instead has thin rings made of rocks and dust orbiting the planet, creating a stunning display in the sky.

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