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Lords of Xulima is currently on Steam in the Greenlight program. We have already received tons of great feedback from the community.


Create your party with up to six characters, choosing between 10 classes and more than 100 unique skills.

  • Strategic turn-based combat in first person view.
  • A vast continent to explore, with different environments and climates. You are free to go everywhere from the beginning (but be careful where you go because the lands of Xulima are extremely dangerous).
  • Castles, towers and temples await you to discover their secrets.
  • Inspired by the old-school classics, featuring a challenging gameplay, with riddles and lethal encounters.
  • Charming hand-drawn 2D graphics for landscapes and maps, mixed with 3D pre-rendered animations for creatures and monsters.
Lords of Xulima Screenshot

Strategic turn-based combat

  • Fast and dynamic combat system in a turn-based environment.
  • Queue of actions: where the positions of the combatants depend on their speed. A very fast combatant can hit you many times before you can react. Different attacks like strong hits with stunning weapons or some spells can modify the speed and the order of the queue.
  • Place your characters on the combat grid with two rows and four columns. Characters on the back row can only attack with special weapons but at the same time they are protected by the characters on the front row. You can also change the positions during combat.
  • 18 different classes of weapons, each one with its own properties: damaging, stunning, bleeding, wounding, ranged…
  • 20 qualities for each class of weapon.
  • More than 100 types of enchantments that provide different powers to the weapons (vampirism, poisoning, …).
  • Combine the weapons with special combat movements that every class can develop.

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