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Recent work on Lords of Delusia has been to do with completing the ships.

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Hi Everyone,

Recent updates to Lords of Delusia have been to do with adding all the ships in the game. Now with over 150 ships, it's safe to say that the work on the ships is completed (Minus the megabosses).

I have put up a recent video talking about it a bit more and what I'm planning next.

After this now, I will be focusing on finishing all the items, their artwork, the Construction bay, and Skill Tree. Once that is all done, the game will be ready to be in Alpha 1.0 and the content will at least be uploaded to steam.

After that, gameplay will be focused as well as the storyline as it will make its way to Beta and testing will begin. Once testing is completed the game will be released.

It's a small article this week but trying to keep content flowing, with the weekly devblogs being released on youtube.

Thank you all

Luke Parisi

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