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Lack of light – from nightfall or the depths of caves – is troublesome for your dwarven subjects. Learn to master darkness and your dwarves will thrive in any environment.

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Darkness & Light Sources

Day & Night

Lord of Dwarves supports a day & night cycle with meaningful consequences to your dwarf workers if lighting is ignored. Dwarves have poor vision in low light and are much less effective workers in the dark. They must also look out for unwanted visitors...

Lord of Dwarves Day & Night

Monsters Lurk in the Dark

Be wary of sending your dwarves too far from your base at night. Creatures lurk in the darkness waiting to take advantage of an unwary traveller.

Lord of Dwarves Day & Night

Craft Light Sources

At the beginning of the game your dwarves can burn wood for a temporary light source. As your dwarves dig into the earth they will find more valuable resources like coal and metal ore. These resources can be used to make torches and bright lamps to provide permanent light sources for your kingdom.

Lord of Dwarves Day & Night

Emplace Torches & Lamps

Your workers will work much more slowly in the dark. Emplace light sources around the areas where they most often work. They will be happier, more productive, and much more safe from monsters.

Lord of Dwarves Day & Night

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