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Sorry for being quiet for the last week, but, I bring good news :)

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I have started to work on the loot system for the game. While this isn't really an open world oriented RPG, I had some difficulty trying to decide a loot system that would fit this game. So, I shall now explain.

Bosses have a 40% chance to drop a key with the value of Basic, Rare, and Extraordinary. I plan to add 6 items to each of these rarity categories. After you pick up the key, at the end of a level there is an outpost (there are also undefined chests that are scattered in levels, because these are so rare it will pull an item out of the extraordinary pool. You also don't require a key to open these). You will then walk up to the outpost and press E to open the shop menu. Then, you can open the corresponding chest to your key. Once you receive your loot, you will have the option to quick sell for gold or equip. Oh yes, that takes me on to the next part, gold. Gold is randomly scattered throughout levels and once picked up, can be used to buy armor or weapons.

Anyway, I hope this update was worth the wait. I hope to release a picture of the outpost soon along with the clockwork lands.

Thank you all for your patience and peace out :)

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