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I want to talk about future plans.

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New Year News

Briefly about the main:

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Approach to development in the new year has changed, and promises to be more productive. If I had done earlier mod spontaneously, now I have a clear plan of work.
I strive to realize their full creative potential. On the basis of something old to create something new. All modifications of Men of War resemble one another. Is not it? I'm not saying it's bad, they there exist and this is great! Everyone does, and plays what he likes. I in turn try to surprise you. If this happen, so I'm not in vain tried. If someone says that it already was, so be it.

I am currently working on a Design document. Once it is completed it will be posted here, so that everyone would be able to read it. The game play and its features are currently being finalized. Unfortunately much of the planned fail to realize due to limitations of the game engine.

New media


New design

The main goal - is to create a simple and user-friendly interface in a single style. Plan to complete replacement of the GUI game. The fundamental concept is minimalism, no bulky overloaded with graphics details.

New atmosphere

A very important part of any game, is not it? The proper atmosphere helps to immerse the player in the game world. In the mod atmosphere is achieved by combination of several factors, such as:

  • Soundtracks / design
  • Improved special effects (the colorful explosions, blood baths, the bullet shells, clouds of dust and mud, billowing into the air)
  • Weather on the maps
  • Various visual effects (fog, wind)

In fact, I strive to create a unique game world, which would be visually different from the original game. The first thing I'm trying to make this is a beautiful and interesting game.

New details

Playable factions

At present time in the modification will cover the two factions: the Wehrmacht and the British Armed Forces. A place of action extends to almost the entire Western Front and North Africa.

"Game director"

This is a script that will manage the game world. It is designed to avoid linearity during the passage. Each time entering the game, some objects in the map and enemy forces will be placed in different ways. Accordingly, the script will choose different ways to advance and retreat of the enemy.
I think such approach makes it possible to stretch the time of passage and vary the game in co-op.

"Survival" mod

Besides the main story campaign, the game will be present mode of the game of survival. The main objective is the generation of random battles in the short-session mode (20-30 minutes of real time)
The player is presented on the selected map with a random set of troops. It can be endlessly arrange troops and strengthen the position. When a player is ready, he will need to raise the flag of the seat in the center of the defensive line, it will signal to attack the enemy. The player must stay on the map as much as possible amount of time.

  • All the technical details, you will learn after the publication of DD.

Also I am grateful for constructive feedback on any news and media files on the page. This will help me in the development.

Thanks for your support!

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