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Comment please. Paid vs free with ads, difficulty and promoting. A bit lost.

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I need some feedback on the following matters people.

1)The game isn't getting any downloads. I was expecting that, as a paid version for such a simplistic game is too much. I ll work on a free with ads version to replace the current paid one.m What do you think?

2)I am not getting downloads even on the demo version! I have gotten 6, although more than 400 people have accessed promo (video/images/text) material, the last 5 days. Why is that happening? What is your guess?
Tip: I got many (over 20) e-mails about how nice the trailer is, but even those people didn't download at least the demo. Im confused here.

3)A guy told me that the game is ridiculusly hard. Should I tone down the difficulty?

Please, If you don't want the paid version, at least download the demo and provide some feedback. This is my first attemp on making a game and I am a bit lost on the whole "promoting" thing. Things didn't go as I expected them to go.

Thank you.

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