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De Bello Civili 2 Development team Searching for other moders

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Salve to all the Legionaries & Warriors,

From the developing team of De Bello Civili 2: Sons of Mars we welcome you to some insight on our project. We fast forward some years after the assassination of Gaivs Jvlivs Caesar. The second Triumvirate has broken the republic in two. Octavius and Antonius seek dominion of a Roman world under their control. Will you side with the General and hero of the Gallic wars? Or will you chose the man Caesar himself entrusted with his assets. Only one thing is certain in these times, Rome will never be the same...

With introductions aside I'll let you get to start to know us. Our main goals are to give the community of Rome & the ancient antiquity a home where they can thrive and enjoy as much diversity in the events as history will allow; that is to say though this game and this genre are great at immersing yourself with the common Legionaries of the past, we've have let to many cultures slip threw the cracks on that as well.

From Hinkles and Mailmans very own original Bello Civili our thanks and credit must be expressed, we'd be nowhere without those developers who's great project inspired us for years after it's release. I'd also like to express our gratitude to the Europa Barbarorum II team without their research and tireless work This wouldn't come out half as immersive as it would have been.

Now all that being said De Bello Civili wants you! We're a small team looking to expand to bring about a timely and successful release for the Ancient Community.

We hope to bring in members with talents in Modeling, texturing, mapping, coding, animations, research, and more. From minor to major we hope to include whoever has an appetite for these groups and cultures.

With that all men must ask themselves, how far will you go for Rome?

Current team:


Modelers: , Slytacular

Texturer: ,[BE]Kennedi

Researcher: Aquila Iovis, Slytacular, Procella, Bobby Lee

Community Moderator: Publius Horatius Procella

Owners of the De Bello Civili Series: Hinkel, Mailman, William

Now if you guys have any interests in joining our project he's a link to the our community Moderators steam. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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