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The FF7UEDG (quite the mouthful, hm?) is looking for some help!

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Well, the FF7UEDG only has three members so far, and there have been no applications despite the need for some extra help, so I'm going to put the available opportunities out there. If you're interested, feel free to apply. It's non-profit, and volunteer-based, but that's the way most mods are.

You must have a ranking of 3 or higher to join the FF7UE Development Group!

We are currently looking for...

Image Contributors
Since the mod is as big as it is, it will need to look nice on ModDB and other sites as well. Image contributors need only have a rudimentary knowledge of English and an example of their work.

Video Designers
I'm not the best at creating videos, seeing as I'm limited by my current budget ($0) and what I currently own (MAGIX Music Maker 12 deLuxe). Someone will need to record footage and compose it with a creative twist, as well as be able to use original concepts and refrain from using templates and default settings. Windows Movie Maker does not count. Required files will be supplied, as well as codecs and plugins if requested. Again, you'll need a good grasp on English and an example of your work if you would like to work with the mod team.

News Contributors
I bet you can't guess what a News Contributor does. Fine, I'll explain. A News Contributor must create a neat, organized, and at least 75% professional article using the news that is given to them. You'll need to be fluent in English and your ModDB ranking must be 5 or higher. No example is needed, just three sentences that show you are human and that you can speak (type) in English.

Attention Getters
The job of an Attention Getter is actually very interesting. They go around to different forums that still have a strong FF7 fanbase and see if anyone is wondering about FF7 mods, or even FF7PC itself. When an opportunity is found, they present the mod in an appropriate manner, doing their best to sound like a real person and not an advertiser. You only need to know English and be well acquainted with different types of forums. Only two AG positions remain!

Website Hoster
If you have a website utilizing Apache, and you're willing to help FF7UE by allowing an SVN repository to be created there, or even if you already have a repository, we need you. An SVN repository is vital to the success of the mod, as it will allow easier transferring of files and other miscellany, allowing us to compare what we have created, and also share tools and other required files.

Other positions may appear in time, or disappear when we have enough of them. Please, if you are interested and qualified, do not hesitate to apply! Those who apply and enter the group get access to certain features and hard-to-find bonuses!

For some reason, this posted on the main FF7UE site instead of the Development Group site. If you missed Saturday's post, go here:

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