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LGM Games have released their newest project, the exploratory, tactical space simulator; Starpoint Gemini.

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Have you played Freelancer to the ground and are looking for a new galaxy to explore? We’re proud to announce the release of Starpoint Gemini. Roam the systems in this role playing, tactical space simulator and try your hand at the myriad of opportunities available to your character. In doing so you may advance them in a variety of ways depending on what suits your playing style.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the basics, try your hand at the challenging campaign, build the perfect ship and dominate the stars.

InvertedVantage - - 92 comments

Wow this looks really cool, watching.

Unfortunately I'm broke at the moment...when I get my next paycheck I'll definitely look into picking this up! :)

Hey, I don't suppose you're hiring 3D modelers? I specialize in starships! :)

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Radar11m - - 694 comments

that looks cool

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Heaney - - 961 comments

Looks cool, but NOT £19.99. Not a chance in hell.

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Wildebeest - - 7 comments

Does the price include Freelancer? I'm curious how this is at all legal.

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AwsomeCake - - 98 comments

Where does it say that it includes Freelancer? Maybe you should try reading it properly.

Also, this is an awesome game.

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RagnarokX - - 104 comments

30 € wtf. Is this as good a full-fledged retail game ?

Besides, how the **** does 20 pounds (2 posts above) translate to 30 €. I hate this ******* highway robbery, Desure is like steam with unfair exchange ratios.

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Magrathean - - 87 comments

Will be trying this out for sure :)

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