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That's right! And I bring with me an updated PartySwap!

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PartySwap 1.3.1 fixes a few bugs with the previous release, as well as ensures compatibility with the newest version of TSLRCM (1.8.5)!

All you need to do is uninstall the previous version - though why you'd have it installed right now is beyond my understanding - and follow the instructions provided in the readme. Hint: the instructions for installation are still the same, pretty much.

Sorry this update took so long, folks. I was having pretty nasty troubles with the final dialog file a while back, stepped away for what should have been a week, maybe two. It turned out to be way longer than I would have liked. So, I just decided to soldier through it tonight and get everything finished, since this was the only file left to update. All it took was two hours of work, if that. It's amazing what stepping away and coming back fresh will do for ya!

I've also decided to post the change log for the mod on the file page, if you're wondering what's been added/fixed.

Until next time, happy modding!

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