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Various small and big Longbow Mods are available on the Studio's Google Drive

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Various small and big Mods made by Longbow are available on the Studio's Google Drive. Some of these are for demonstration only as part of their modding tutorial, others add new scenarios ("Kingdom of Macedon"), new Quests ("Flower of Italy") or Gameplay mechanics ("Famous Officer Upgrades").

  • Blue Histri - A simple mod to change the Histri from yellow to blue.
  • Every Port A Shipyard - Adds a faction skill that allows you to build ships in any port.
  • Extra General Portraits - Adds a few extra general portraits from title figures
  • Famous Officer Upgrades - Adds a two-tiered upgrade which make your brigades larger.
  • Flower of Italy - Adds a new historical objective based on Pyrrhus' looting of the temples of Persephone and Aphrodite in Locris. The objective is discovered automatically when you control a city that neighbours a Locrian city or fort. The first stage suggests conquering the city of Locris, and once conquered, the second stage provides an option to loot the temples to receive a significant amount of Gold.
  • Hegemony Gold Stances - Adds new stances based on the advanced formations in Hegemony Gold like wedge, convex and ring.
  • Hernici - Adds the Sabellic tribe of the Hercini north of Rome, with mine output and ranged damage bonuses.
  • Illyric Cavalry - Adds a melee cavalry unit to the Illyric factions, which were stuck with just mounted javelineers before.
  • Kingdom of Macedon - Conquer ancient Macedonia in a new developer-built map and sandbox scenario based on the Kingdom Of Macedon and surrounding territory from Hegemony Gold. Includes 7 playable factions and almost 40 new cities.
  • Long-Ranged Stance - This mod adds a stance that allows ranged units to fire farther at the cost of doing less damage.
  • Megafactions - Adds a sandbox with fewer faction divisions for larger empires.
  • Resource Wintering Upgrade - Adds a resource upgrade to allow farms to keep making food in winter
  • Shield Examples

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