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The last year and a half since our mulligan has been full of ups and downs, lulls and rapid development. Today I'm writing an update here, because I know I said we'd keep you all up to date, but I certainly haven't done that.

Acts 1,2,3 have their puzzles all mapped out, and only now have small adjustments to be made. Act 4 is under development. Act 5 is in a Flexible position, and might be moved to a secondary release. It will depend if we want to shorten the story to fit it into one act, or do a wrap up at the end of act 4 leading into a secondary title.

I'm hopeful that this whole experience will be wrapped up and available for play in the Spring of 2017.

If you're interested in watching the active development, or asking us questions, feel free to join our public Discord Server HERE!

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