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Curse will go indie! Just sold my soul to Set, who, in return, spawned a legion of game developer mummies to help me.Well actually no but that would be awesome!

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And now, something completely different: Curse episodes the indie Game! There will be a proper announcement of this (with new media etc...) but that will be later. Till that here's what will be different in the indie game compared to the mod:

- The first episode will be longer
- There will be a (properly implemented) melee combat system (this is alone will make it a completely different experience)
- New monsters... except the wormdemon

No more updates here (unless Valve releases the OS X modding tools for Half-Life 2, so I can make the Curse mod Mac compatible). Expect a new Curse episodes IndieDB profile soon...

Henley - - 1,973 comments

Interesting seems there is a lot more mods going indie this year then last. Any chance of any sort of ETA on this?

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cmod_dev Author
cmod_dev - - 39 comments

(probably)This year

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

This means it's going indie and we are gonna pay for it? Time for me to check the mod people say is one of the best.

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billyboob - - 297 comments

Yay! More indie Source projects. Awesome. Good luck!

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JohnnyMaverik - - 469 comments


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Rukus_ - - 660 comments

Coolio. I'll buy it.

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Mr.Walrus - - 5,806 comments

No matter the cost, I'm sure it'll be worth our money. Congrats on going indie! :)

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ghostings - - 1,216 comments

Nuh, Nuh, not surprised.

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments


Wow, complete sell-outs. I understand their hard work, and I understand wanting to get payed for it, but based on the first episode released, it'll be hard justifying paying for this. It was horrible. Maybe if he goes back and revamps it in every way, then yeah. I've seen Mods that took 3 weeks to make turn out way better.

And you know, they say it's the dream of every mod Team to go Indie? Well it's the dream of everyone who buys HL2 to get Mods for free. Kinda clashing here. When I buy a game with a major selling point is free mods, so basically infinite games with that purchase, then these "free mods", start going Indie, ugh.

Yeah, call me cheap, but I'm getting sick of being hyped up for these awesome mods, following em for years, then suddenly, "BLAMO, We're GOING INDIE!"

And especially mods that don't deserve it.

Dear Esther can get away with it for a 5, maybe 10$ price tag. At best. Because that's quality work.

NeoTokyo, another mod that could have gone Indie, but the devs had no desire, and copyright issue.

Really, I lose a ton of respect for any Mod Developer who goes Indie the second he see's he could make a profit off it. I respect those who release, then go Indie, like Age of Chivalry.

I mean, why even have Moddb anymore, all the mods worth playing are going Indie. Screwing the PC gaming scene over.

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billyboob - - 297 comments

Which Source mod made in three weeks was better? I'd love to give it a go. And I'm pretty sure most people who bought HL2 have no idea about the modding scene.

Curse deserves it's hype. I liked it alot. Loved it. Does this mean I have an inferior preference in games?

As for your last comment. I cannot remember a time when there have been more quality Source mods in development then now. Tales From The Galactopicon, Blade Symphony, The Rising... just to name a few.

Cooler heads bro

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MrMattWebb - - 1,803 comments

I'd like to know what 3 week mod he is talking about as well.

We will all be waiting on his /noreply

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AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

I love it when people find elaborate justifications for being cheap and self entitled.

Kilbride, if you're here for freebies, you've missed the point of what this site is. If you thought modding was a bunch of people working their *** off day and night making things for you to play and then turn around and bash, you got it wrong again.

Grow up, and learn to appreciate other peoples work.

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Mars_3K - - 729 comments

Comments like kilbride's make me feel ashamed to be a part of this community. I've never taken any of it for granted, pray I never do.

Curse has a shitload of potential and I hope it's realised. If that means going commercial, that's fine by me.

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greenmachine - - 54 comments

Cry some more you ******* weeaboo, oh yeah screwing over the pc scene by generating revenue for smaller developers.

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Andy1112 - - 38 comments


I totally agree with Mkilbride, the purpose of a mod is to stay free!! god dammit ! there's plenty of awesome mods more complete than yours and they are still free, if you're here today that's because of the mod community you don't deserve to be remembered as a mod because you don't have that spirit that every modders shares.

******* money, rules everything ...

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madcat1030 - - 245 comments

"More Complete than yours"

Episode I was just that, episode I, now that he's gone indie, he can get funding to finish the remainder of the game, as well as touching up the (already really nicely done) first episode. He's not just going to magically start selling the Episode I he's already released, he's going to be selling the complete product. Think of Episode I as a demo.

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KILLER89(FIN) - - 2,311 comments are nothing more than a mentally challenged little nerd boy, who lives in the momma┬┤s basement and doesnt need to pay from anything.

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Awesome_ninja - - 809 comments

not happy, then GTFO... It's like they force you to buy it, do they? Don't wanna enjoy it, do play other games. And not to mention that most of AAA titles today are worse than this mod in quality, and you payed 60$ for them (*cough FF14, or Black Ops *cough*)
And Dear Esther 5$? Idk what are you smoking, but that's hardcore. I will be more like 15-20$ I bet.

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Rukus_ - - 660 comments

Umm, this game was released...then its sequel went indie. So kindly suck dix.

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Mukridzsin - - 754 comments

CURSE Dev Team !!!

This will be an exclusive on Steam?
Will be Hungarian version of this program?
How much will it cost?
Online content (COOP, DLC, Archivement ....) will be included?

Please reply...

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Bon. - - 172 comments


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PytoX - - 742 comments

omg sweet, can't wait for more. first ep was so nice :D

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JopiMan - - 24 comments


untracked =)

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megafat - - 32 comments

Last year, a bunch of Half-Life mods went to the Dreamcast, and this year, a lot of mods are going indie. Man, i love mod's, especially when they're doing well enough to go beyond something just intended to be in my Half-Life folder.

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Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

I think that's fair. First episode was quiet good. So I'm sure that'll boost the quality and length a lot.

Good luck.

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HmTervapuro - - 532 comments

Cool to see more independent Source engine games, for the past few years I havent seen that many, which is a shame, its a cool engine.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote - - 1,090 comments

Great Mod man, i hope you will keep us informed when the real release is about to happen

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Jesusfreak - - 770 comments

Can we get an "arena mode," kind of like in Zeno Clash?

I'm buying this!

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chineseroom - - 266 comments

awesome news! Glad we're not alone :)

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cmod_dev Author
cmod_dev - - 39 comments

Thank You!
When I first heard about the negative comments, the announcement of the commercial Dear Esther remake generated, this : came to my mind. I think those dudes who whined about the commercial remake didn't played the original mod.

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linfosoma - - 215 comments

I didnt play episode 1, should I or will it be included on the retail release?

Also, good luck! :)

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cmod_dev Author
cmod_dev - - 39 comments

The gameplay in the Curse indie game will be totally different compared to the mod.

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faillord_adam - - 3 comments

Although it's good that you've gone indie, I don't exactly find it fair that the series started as a free mod then went indie, then again, I could say the same about Garry's Mod, but I first started playing that when it was already indie.

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Dark_Technician - - 2 comments

So.. What is the full name of the indie game? I tried searching for ' curse Egyptian "indie game" ' via google, and this is the only result that doesn't have other words with it. (ex.: Din's Curse )

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Israphelo - - 37 comments

its another dead mod! yaaaaaayyy!!!

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