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What happens when a dev team is quiet for long periods of time? DRASTIC THINGS.

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It is usually common thought that when a Development Team has gone quiet for as long as we have, one of a few things has happened:

->Somebody has been fired
->Some Drastic updates have been made
->Some team rearranging has been done
->An Engine change has been made

Well, we're still running on the Episode 2 engine at the moment.....

In the past few weeks we've let go about seven guys and brought on two more guys and three girls. We now have a team for audio/voice recording and casting. We'll have demo sounds and a brief soundtrack up soon for download and demo.

We've also made drastic changes to the first map encountered as to make the story much more fluid and make more sense in the end. We also changed how the story starts, thus changing how the game starts.

We've also added up to make a FULL DEVELOPMENT TEAM. FeatherFoot07 Development has a team and team lead for each set that we do.

We've got some screenshots of the new map up and they are quite primitive at the moment and it pre-alpha if that shows you how long we focused on getting new people to replace our old dead-weight.

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