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This article will contain updates based on my computer, mod delays, and more.

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(03/17/15 |St. Patrick's Day|)

The Long Delay Begins

Hello everyone. Today I'm about to give some very disappointing news to those who are interested in my mod. My computer broke down two days ago due to a graphics card issue and I've tried my best to fixed the problem. But apparently, I've tried almost every solution and I finally realized what really was the outcome to my computer. After two years of use, It's been one of the worse computers I've ever owned in my life. It has a 1.7 Ghz Processor, a 300MB Graphics card, 4GB Ram, and a 500GB hard drive. Of course, I know many others own computers that are worse than this, but yeah, this was the worst one I had own.

I've always hated this computer because many of the things I wanted to achieve were almost impossible. It's hard to edit in Sony Vegas Pro 10, Very hard to make films in Source Filmmaker, Record Gmod footage, and It's even hard to mod and play without any lag or inefficiency all for a very simple reason. My PC was too weak. Even though this PC was not efficient, I will miss it. Why? because it can at least achieve half of the things I wanted to do. For Example, I was at least able to develop a Markiplier Mod on this computer. I was also able to make artwork done In Gmod. Edit Music and Sound Effects.

Now on the bright side, I will be keeping the hard drive I had for this computer, because why the hell would I want to start all over? :P The progress I had done for the past year is far too valuable for me to let go. Trust me It's really that good. But anyways, Once when I get a much more efficient computer, I will try to collect the data from my old PC's hard drive and store it all in my new future PC. I will be starting where I left off!

Now here's the ultimate question. "Mario, Your PC broke down. Are you going to quit?" Clearly, Never. Just because your computer broke down It does not mean it's okay to quit. It's going to take a whole lot more than negative comments or computers breaking down if I'm going to quit. I'm going to finish when this and my future mods are complete. I'm a very optimistic person when it comes to my projects. What I'm trying to say is don't give up for very simple things. Keep trying because later in the future, you will regret it.

I maybe getting my new PC around somewhere in May. There is actually many more things I want to do than just modding. I would also love to make SFM Films, Gmod Films, and more which is one of the reasons I will need a good computer. As of right now, I'm taking "shelter" In my family's computer which is much weaker than my old computer. I cannot do any modding or any other projects at the moment (besides making artwork, but I know you guys don't want more art). I'm only going to be planning what I will add in my mod later, and I'll try to be active in the community here.

It's a very long wait and I know how upsetting this can be, But I'll still keep my promise. I promised I will release In-Game Screenshots and a Pre-Alpha Release. It's just going to take a long while until I can finally get some progress done. Wish me luck guys, I will see you next time.

and again, I'm very sorry this had to happen!


N.G.U.N.S. = Never Give Up, Never Surrender

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This is why you should use Dropbox and GitHub.
It's 2015... People backup their ****. If this was 2005 maybe it would have been more understandable, it's just ridiculous how many mods we have to lose before realizing that: "We should do backups now."

I make backups twice a month. And it really pays off in the end.

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Its a shame that some people only read a part of a text and then start writing there comment. Because it really looks like GamerDude27 did just that. Because, the mod isn't dead, there is nothing lost, it will be worked on as soon as Mariotravel has his new pc, in May. Only his graphic car died.

That said, i know how you feel. In all the years i have been modding many computers did break down on me, and in a few cases all data was lost, what is not the case here. Still, Gamedude is right. You reall need to save your data somewere else to, beside your hard drive. Because a hard drive can as easely break down as a video card does.
And boy o boy, a 1.7 Ghz pc. That is indeed a very low end pc these days, which makes it very hard to mod on, compile maps on, etc. Not to talk about making movies indeed, as you said.

Will be a sad time, at least it was to me, without a pc. Hope you get a new one as soon as possible. May is quit far away.
We'll keep tracking!

(edit; personaly i use dvd's and a server of a friend of mine to backup my mod. You REAYLY need to do this, because it will "kill" you when you loose months or even years of work, believe me, i have been there, sad, dark times!)

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Mariotravel209 Author

Thanks for the support! I sure learned my lesson this time. When i get a new pc, ill make a github account specifically for this mod. Not only Ill have better equipment, but I'll finally be able to expand my skills in modding and filmmaking!

I'll be working on this mod as much as I can without the use of my computer. Again many thanks, and good luck with your projects, leon!

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