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Over the last month there has been a frenzy of work done on Lone Wolf.

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The last month has been a busy one for Lone Wolf with some new features added and a lot of work going into the new beta.

First I'll start with the news of the new beta.
Beta 0.37 Installalux version will be coming out in a couple weeks.
This version will include an installer and will be a further updated version of 0.35 including all the fixes done since 0.35
These changes are varied and many and include things like the new Leadership rings,new terrain textures,new models and textures,updated maps and if things go well a patching addon.
The installalux version will not gain any extra factions.
The current publicly available factions include-
Dol Guldur

The Lone Wolf website
The Lone Wolf website was taken down a while ago due to being hacked but I am now in the process
of updating a few things and getting it up and running once more.

Work has been done on Trials of Malvegil as well.

There have also been many updates which can all be found over at the forums.

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