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After some thought I've decided to readdress Beta 0.999 and in order to save time I've decided to make it a coding only update.This update will make use of a new launcher which has been used for the LWR's private alphas.

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Lone Wolf Mod Beta Update 0.999

Update Information:
The update will be a small big file instead of a full upload and the launcher will provide easy usability with run the mod as simple as selecting an option this update will also have an installer to make running even easier.
Due to the limitations of the new launcher it's recommended that you have the game installed in the default directory but directions will be included for manual launching.
You'll also need to download Beta 0.35 installer or non installer version so this update will work.
The new launcher is an easy to use exe file that will allow you some basic options it will serve as an early public test for LWR's future launcher.
I'm considering a blood patch option so you can decide whether or not you want gore.

But I need help:
Since I haven't played the old LW since I started work on LWR I have no idea what needs fixing.
So post below all the bugs and balance issues that need to be addressed so that I can fix them.
Some restrictions though:

  • No new art will be added except in the case that it's really needed, this is to keep the file size and dev time down.
  • Erebor, Arnor, Mirkwood, Fiefdoms, Eriador and Dunland won't be included.
  • The factions released will be Mordor, Isengard, Rohan, Gondor, Morgul, Dol Guldur, Harad, Rhun, Lorien, Rivendell and the Deep.
  • The tech trees may be adjusted but won't be the same as what's in store for LWR.
  • Some bases will fixed or changed as necessary.
  • I'm hoping to have AI on all EA maps but if it's not done in time I'll release another patch adding them.
  • I'm considering adding some of the new LWR mapping assets to this release so that some of the newer LWR maps can be supported.

Known issues on the list:

  • Amon Hen (the most requested fix)
  • Harad Castle (the hotfix will be added automatically)

I'll need lots of feedback if I'm to make this release as polished as possible so if it's not listed I can't fix it.

Post your bugs over on this forum thread.
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Nice! Can you please post some screenshots. One screenshot of each factions base! That would be awesome!

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Ye! That be awesome :D

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Radspakr Author

What would be the point?
They are the same as what's already in game.

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But I wanna see the new factions bases!

I will of course check them out ingame but it would be nice with some screenies of them here as well.

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Radspakr Author

What new factions?
The only one being added to this beta I think are the Deep.

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In the description you wrote:

"The factions released will be Mordor, Isengard, Rohan, Gondor, Morgul, Dol Guldur, Harad, Rhun, Lorien, Rivendell and the Deep."

So I'm thinking of all the factions that were not present in vanilla bfme.
E.g. Morgul, Dol Guldur, Harad, Lorien, Revendell and the Deep.

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Radspakr Author

They're already in the current public beta.
Which you'll need for the new patch anyway.

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I'd like to know more about the units and heroes in each faction..

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