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I'm going to post up the change list for Beta 3.7 so far. This list is ever growing and changing.

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I have decided to push back the next public beta a couple weeks so I can finish a few things and rework Dol Guldur's design and implement the new tech tree changes.

Before I get into the change list I should say that work is continuing at a good pace on Lone Wolf and I've fixed a lot of bugs and balance issues.
I've introduced a lot of new abilities,cool FX and generally cool stuff over the last couple months.
I'll say it,I'm impressing myself with some of the new stuff it looks and works great.
I've been making big changes in Lone Wolf fine tuning the mod play better,be more unique and look better.
I've added a lot of new terrain textures and a lot of new FX sprites and I think you guys are going to love all the new stuff.
The new spells and abilities are very different from what is usually seen in BFME mods and heroes are going to be stronger than ever.

Myself wrote: General:
Added new Terrain textures
Implemented the new leadership rings
Improved the Spider unit's turning rate

Updated and fixed issue on Sea of Rhun map.
Some terrain work on Trollshaws map
Some terrain work on Shallows.

Rivendell Barracks costs 400 like it was supposed
New FX for Gildor's Blade of Light
Removed the Hawk Strike sound from Blade of Light
New FX for Gildor's Swift Blades
Gildor's base damage reduced.
Elrohir's health lowered from 2000 to 1200
Elladan's health lowered from 2000 to 1200
Fixed the missing Mounted Glorfindel model
Rivendell now has the right maximum spell points
Changed the Spell List with 5 new spells- see Rivendell topic for more information
Added new FX for Grace of the Evenstar
Added new FX for Arwen's Athelas
Toned down the damage for Winds of Change
Toned down the radius and damage for Glorfindel's Brilliant Light
GilGalad has new Summon FX and abilities.
Added Star Shield Smash to Gil Galad
Added Clean Slate to Gil Galad
Added Glory of Aeglos to Gil Galad
Added in Level requirements to the buttons of
Forest Walker,Elven Wisdom,Troll Slayer,Pathfinder,Valiant Blade,Arrow Shower,Shield Bubble and Brilliant Light.

Lorien Riders cost increased to 800
Lorien Mounted Archers removed
Shroud's prereqs fixed
Increased Spell Points to proper amount
Profile image added for Orchard and MarchWardens
Changed the Formation change sound for Lorien Archers
Removed Orophin's leadership
Fixed a couple label issues
Fixed Orchard Armour
Rumil's Health lowered from 2000 to 1200
Orophin's Health lowered from 2000 to 1200
Econ Plots now build the "multiplayer" version which cost 200
The Following Mirkwood stuff has been moved-
Mirkwood Hall
Mirkwood Battle Tower
Mirkwood Watchout
Mirkwood Spearmen
Mirkwood Hunters
Avari Longbows
Mirkwood Sentry

Econ version of Mine made.
Bifur's Stone Throw now at level 2 like intended
New Tech Tree for Erebor,more info on this later.
Implemented the following
Dwalin -
Great Swing
Iron Striker
King Dain-
Ironfoot now has knockback
Rock Smash
Cleaving Axe
Thorin Stonehelm-
Counter hit
Durin's Relic spell with the relic model.
added the new Erebor Miners
coded the new structures and units


Fixed spell requirements for Scavenger Spell
New FX for Dark Influence
New spell for Dark Warden - Ring of Shadows
More expensive 1000 from 800
Weakened Health 1000 from 1400
Weakened weapon damage 50 from 60
Takes longer to build 25 from 15
Lagduf-See Gorbag
Dark Warden-
Set Screech to Level 7
Set Mount to Level 3
Set Morgul Knife to Level 6
Set Curse of Sloth to Level 5
Removed Arrest spell,replaced with new Ring of Shadows spell
Remade Morgul Knife weapon,no longer spawns Wraiths instead does damage over time,New FX as well.
Black Riders (Fire Shadow,Nameless,Burzash,Tainted Blade,Dark Warden,Shadow King and The Cursed)
(The following applies to all Nazgul except Witch King and Khamul)
Remade Morgul Knife attack (see above)
Set Screech to Level 7
Set Morgul Knife to Level 6
Set Mount to Level 3
Weakened weapon damage 50 from 60
Added 2 new spells Emissary of Mordor which summons the Mouth of Sauron and
Troll Captain which summons the Troll Hero.
Fixed some spell store issues.
New summon FX for the 2 new spells (very cool looking)


Brand new Camp floor
Added walls to the camp
New Castle Bridge model
Updated Wall models
Fixed some spell store issues
Added new Shelob spell
Changed the spell list.
Added new Corrupted Obelisk spell
Added new Lost Barrows spell
Changed Morgul Flare to reduce cost of infantry for a time.
Added new Hill Troll Chieftain spell

Lurtz' Broadcast Stealth no longer stealths units while moving, and now also affects Banner Carriers.
Lurtz has 2 new skins plus his current 2,which will randomise between them.
New skin for Saruman,much improved over the very old one.
Grima base damage increased
Grima's Unseen Killer,Backstab and Stab in the Dark now all do more damage
Grima's health lowered and armour weakened

Faramir's health increased from 800 to 1200
Boromir's texture updated
Boromir has Armour model done,going to code in a new ability for it
Boromir's Horn of Gondor has updated FX (very cool looking)
Added Mardil back to the hero list
Tweaked Aragorn's Athelas FX

Dale Archer's weapon has been improved with better range and damage.
New upgrade is semi implemented.
New Dale skins
Brand has a new ability - Wall of Hope - Brand creates an area around where units are invulnerable,but he can not move during the spell.
Fixed Radsvirr's Wolf Scout spell and Campfire spell

The Deep:
New Goblin Fighter random models and skins
Fixed some spell store issues
New Shelob summon spell,with new FX
New Stone Giants spell

Eomer's Spear Throw does more damage.

New Mirkwood Refuge model
New Model for Banner of the Green Leaf
New Buff for Banner of Green Leaf spell
Begun coding Aegalen so far basic unit,experience levels,Destined Javelin,Leadership and Pursuit are done
Begun coding Galion so far basic unit and experience level done

Dol Guldur:
New Level 10 ability for Gurguk,replacing Blood Storm (still working out kinks)
New Orc Den/Lair building

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