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If you want to know what i do it now it's news for you, also its small proposition

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Hey everybody!

At the beginning I would like to apologize to all the fans for being Dead_Wheels update is not ready yet. This is because they are still trying to fight the bugs and the opportunity to add new things, wants to be the next update was crucial, as I wrote in a previous news on the game.

most, however, stop me from continuing trips TED last week and tomorrow I'm going to Hannover for CeBIT, so if you are among the people who choose to be there and wanted to meet me, how to find? known, look for logos' Nest games ":) it is another thing logo - which now has been a light to change, a new font, and the full name of "Nest games" I decided that it would be better and more precise, but still game, dealing with "inventions"

and a little bit about the future, still does not give up its policy of issuing more modest but still can games that are fun to give as much as possible. The last time I showed one screen but the game turned out to be a bit more complicated and thus more so now shorten the time-consuming and invoke it and move it into the future, but now it is something which again should appeal to you as much as Dead_Wheels, Recently the innernet wręc heart attack is almost perfect clones of the Slender Man game. I do not really want to become embroiled in this issue because I had an interesting idea on how one could enter the breeze freshened to a horror game, but I have achieved something and you should like it, every time the game will be different.

When something more about it? Look out for updates Dead_Wheels :)

and at the end of a proposition for you, you want to help and have an impact on the game? is looking for testers, so if you have a predisposition and take the time to write to me!

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