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Need to protect your treasure? Just get some goons to walk back and forth... ...relentlessly.

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When you have a treasure and don't want others to get it, there are a couple things you can do. Hiding it at the top of a place called Demon Tower is a good start, because a) nobody wants to enter a place called Demon Tower and b) the top is so high up that you'll just have to do way too much walking to get there.

Putting spikes everywhere is also a good move, because spikes are pointy and they hurt.

But to be extra safe, you should hire some people to walk back and forth all day.

Yes, Demon Tower will be guarded by a variety of enemies, each with their own behavior. I've started off simple with this palette-swapped guy that walks back and forth on his patrol, turning around at walls or edges. It's very basic AI behavior, but don't take him lightly: If he spots you, he'll chase you down relentlessly.

Well, relentlessly until you stay out of sight for a second or so. I don't think he's getting paid a lot.

As you can see, this enemy doesn't even get over his fear of heights when he's chasing you and simply stops at edges. Other enemy types however won't be as careful and simply run off, dropping directly on your head...or into a bed of spikes. Which are pointy and hurt.

I wanted this game to have a bit more action than [Speer] did, so having reactive enemies seemed like a no-brainer. It also allows for (light) stealth mechanics, which are a natural fit for a ninja game and something I've wanted to implement in a game for a while. I've never really done much AI programming so this is all a new challenge for me, but one I've been enjoying so far!

Are there any enemy types or behaviors you'd like to see in the game? Let me know, I haven't locked down all the enemies yet!

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