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Second beta release for Lockdown Protocol is ready.

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The change log consists mostly of bug fixes and balancing, but there are some new stuff too. I added one new small multiplayer level optimized for two-player local deathmatches. There is also one completely new weapon. I had decided not to add any more weapons, but I "accidentally" created a new pretty weapon while playing around with particles systems.

New multiplayer level and one more weapon

I have done a lot of tweaking based on feedback from the previous versions. Most of it aims to make the guards a little less efficient in killing the player and reduce the need to walk through already cleared empty corridors.

Here's full list of changes since 0.21.0 beta release:

  • Added full-screen red flash "pain effect".
  • Added a new weapon: Plasma cannon.
  • Added one more multiplayer level.
  • Fixed closing window with title bar close button.
  • Made guards randomly misaim to make them a bit less deadly over long distances.
  • Added basic gamepad control to menus.
  • Single player gameplay is now paused while menu is open.
  • Tweaked all levels for a bit more action and less walking through empty corridors.
  • Made elevators and platforms move a little faster.
  • Increased player walk speed a tiny bit to make jumping over gaps easier.
  • Fixed duplicate "Player X entered" messages in split-screen multiplayer matches.
  • Fixed randomly changing direction before mouse was first moved on remote clients.
  • Fixed player occasionally damaging himself when shooting while running up a ramp or falling.
  • Fixed choppy or completely missing reload animations on remote clients.
  • Fixed heartbeat loop sound not always stopping on death.
  • Shortened sentry gun target detection range.
  • Fixed spiders sometimes walking really slowly.
  • Increased guard AI stun duration after damage.
  • Added hit sound to pulse rifle and sentry drone projectiles.
  • Increased sentry drone fire rate, lowered its projectile speed and damage.
  • Lowered jellyfish projectile speed.
  • Fixed crash in case of too many simultaneous explosions.
  • Fixed object destruction when moving outside of level area.
  • Doubled laser rifle range.
  • Fixed explosions not applying forces to indestructible objects (e.g. blue barrels).
  • Adjusted visible/audible ranges to fix ugly looping sound cutoff.
  • Fixed missing particle fade out in some of the weapon hit effects.
  • Fixed badly oriented rocket smoke trail particle effect on clients.

More information and direct downloads are available on the website.

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