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The big new feature in this release is local split-screen multiplayer support.

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The big new feature in this release is local split-screen multiplayer support. I'm really excited about this! It's so much more fun playing with your friends physically in the same room. Remote players can still join the same match over the Internet or (W)LAN, so you can have more than two players in the match.

Split screen multiplayer

All multiplayer matches are now score-based. Kills are no longer directly counted, but you get score for each kill, just like in single player game. Player with highest score wins. The idea is that this allows other means of winning than just kills. For example, in the the new multiplayer level "collector" there are sample vials that can be collected for score. In addition to just killing the other players, you will have to fight over access to the vials too.

Sentry drones

Here's full list of changes since 0.19.0 alpha release:

  • Added split screen multiplayer support.
  • Added support for two gamepads.
  • Multiplayer matches now complete based on score instead of only counting kills.
  • Added new weapon: Pain grenade.
  • Added new enemy: Sentry drone.
  • Added new multiplayer level: Collector.
  • Added separate "new high score" menu page for editing player name.
  • Tutorial level was completely redesigned.
  • Allow checking single player high scores during gameplay (by pressing TAB).
  • Store level completion time, kill count and collected vial count in high score data.
  • Replaced demo reminder overlays with preview time counter and chat messages.
  • Fixed broken laser beam fade out at maximum range.
  • Fixed speech bubble alignment error with text containing spaces.
  • Properly destroy remaining particles on match end.
  • Fixed high score file corruption if name contained leading or trailing white space.
  • Fixed wrong player skins sometimes shown on remote clients.
  • Disabled bullet hit fragment effects on humans.
  • Animated score label at end of match counts up from zero.
  • Fixed missing foot step sounds when walking backwards.
  • Added blinking highlight to collectible items to make the easier to spot in dark places.
  • Updated game logo.
  • Added small offset to explosion lights sources to better light the environment.
  • Fixed beam weapon shoot effects fading out too early.
  • Stop level start announcement sound when match ends or is restarted.
  • Improved blood stain decal placement and overlapping.
  • Added glow to alien blood stain decals.
  • Fixed occasionally missing blood splatter decals.
  • Updated all blood stain decal variants and added more of them.
  • Fixed shield energy level not showing in HUD on remote clients.
  • Strip trailing/leading white space from user input where it would cause problems.
  • Created bigger and better pulse rifle shot sound.
  • Toggle gamepad controller info from gamepad select/back button.
  • Removed lower lighting quality option from settings.
  • Removed looping action music.
  • Cleaned up some unnecessary warning and error messages in log file.
  • Embedded application icon to executable on Windows.

All the planned major features have now been implemented. This game has been in development for well over four years, so it feels really good finally getting to this point. I'm still not setting any hard dead lines or final release date, but I will soon be switching to beta phase and it looks like the final release could be out sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

More information and direct downloads are available on the website. The update will soon be available on Desura too:

Lockdown Protocol

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